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re: Erris the Collector

Erris is a traveling pet tamer that was added in patch 6.1. She can appear in level three garrisons and shows up near your pet menagerie. There are a few things to note about Erris before you battle her:

-Erris has a randomly selected team of pets on any given day for a total of 5 possible teams.
--Spores, Dusty and Salad (flying/flying/elemental)
--Moon, Mouthy and Carl (aquatic/aquatic/beast)
--Enbi'see, Mal and Bones (flying/flying/undead)
--Sprouts, Prince Charming and Runts (elemental/aquatic/beast)
--Nicodemus, Brisby and Jenner (critter/critter/critter)

-Erris is essentially like any non-NPC in that her pet abilities are pulled randomly from the 6 available abilities that each pet has.
-She does give a fair amount of experience to non-level 25 pets due to the fact that she is like any other tamer
-You can enter into battle with Erris to see which pets she has for you and then surrender without penalty.
-Her quest is available once per day per account (not per character).

I use the same pet team regardless of the pets that Erris has for the day.
Sprite Darter Hatchling 221
Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen 112
Iron Starlette 111

Beating Erris is really just a matter of activating the right pet and paying attention to the abilities that she has. Here are a few tips since there is not a perfect rotation for her.

-If her pet has a weather ability (i.e. Darkness) do not cast your weather ability until AFTER she does.
-For flying pets you will want to use your Sprite Darter due to the increased damage it will cause. My rotation for this is usually Moonfire/Arcane Blast spam.
-Iron Starlette is usually my cleanup pet and works well on beasts using the Windup/Supercharge/Windup rotation.
-Xu-Fu will mow down critters, but is useful against just about any pet. Spirit Claws will hit 100% of the time during Moonlight. My rotation for him is usually Spirit Claws until the pet is half dead, Prowl, and Feed to finish off a pet and heal.
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