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About <PuG Mercenary Company>
<PuG Mecenary Company> is a "casually serious" mythic raiding guild located on Kargath-US. We are casual in that we only raid one night a week (currently Sunday 7:00-10:30PM EST), but serious in that we still fully intend to clear end-game content while it remains relevant. Our goal is to progress to a Cutting Edge finish in each raid tier, while still providing ample time to farm the end-of-expac mount that each final boss provides.

Who we are:  Our guild/raid team is mainly comprised of former hardcore/semi-hardcore raiders who grew weary of maintaining the rigors of multi-day raid teams, and the alts of those who are still grinding cutting edge progression. As such, we are seeking like-minded individuals to join us in our guild and/or on our raid team so that can tackle Mythic content at an organic progression pace without having to wait for the release of Cross-Realm Mythic.

A bit of history:  In Warlords of Draenor, we built an effective raid team by doing as our name suggests: pugging, mainly from OpenRaid, but also through word-of-mouth, friend-of-friend references, etc. The guild itself was founded at the release the Hellfire Citadel Raid by the the raid leader/main tank of a now-defunct semi-hardcore progression guild <Shadow and Light>. From a humble beginning and a handful of former <SnL> raiders, <PMC> posted its first Normal HFC to Openraid, and a prominent 1-day raiding guild was born.
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