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re: Mr. Terrible, Carroteye & Sloppus

I've included two strategies for you. One of them is a 1 pet strategy, but you might want to give him a couple friends in case he doesn't make it.

Strat 1 (1 pet):
Giraffe Calf 111
Suggested Backup - Anubisath Idol 111
Suggested Backup - Emperor Crab 2x2

Easy rules for this one:
Tranquility to start and then use it each time it falls over (every 2 rounds)
Headbutt on cooldown
Fill in with Hoof

A claim by someone on Wowhead said that their Giraffe never went below half health. My pet nearly died, but he managed to pull out a win. I suggest having either the Anubisath Idol or an Emperor Crab for backup just in case your Giraffe leaves the land of the living.

Strat 2:
Emperor Crab 2x2
Anubisath Idol 111
Crab vs, Mr. Terrible
Start with Whirlpool
Surge until Mr. Terrible dies

Crab vs. Carroteye
Use Whirlpool if it is back up
Surge if Whirlpool is still on CD or if you have very little health
Crab will die
Swap to Idol
Crush to kill Carroteye
Idol vs. Sloppus
Deflection after he casts Chew, otherwise Crush to kill him

Surge always goes first even if you pet is slower. If your Crab is near death when Carroteye comes out you may be better just to cast a Surge and let him kill you. Doing this will ensure that you at least get SOME damage on him. You can cast Deflection after your first Sandstorm to avoid some of Carroteye's damage. When Sloppus comes out is it wise NOT to refresh your Sandstorm due to the fact that Sloppus has an ability that reduces your hit chance. Sandstorm would just reduce it further. You will not be able to catch all of his Chews with Deflection so just do what you can.
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